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Month: June 2016

PSA: Drive Responsibly over the Fourth of July Holiday

This is my short PSA on the dangers of drinking and driving especially during a busy holiday such as the Fourth of July.
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Share a Coke and its cleaning power

Over the last year or so, Coca Cola has encouraged consumers to Share a Coke with friends and family. Now you can Share a Coke and a Song or even create your own personalized message.

Aside from being a refreshing beverage, Coke has many household uses as well. It is used for science projects, removing grease from a garage floor, and removing gum from hair to name a few. Maybe the next campaign will be Share a Coke and a Helpful Hint.

I encourage you to open a nice cold Coca Cola while I share this simple tip: Coke can be used to clean off the terminals of your car battery.

With three simple steps you can have perfectly clean car battery terminals. Just open, pour and rinse.


Using Coke to clean car battery terminals involves three simple steps. Infographic by Amanda Cain. Created at Information courtesy of

It’s a use that does not immediately come to mind when looking at a bottle of soda, but it is both simple and money-saving. A bottle of cleaning solution can be purchased at the store for somewhere between three and five dollars.

You can pick up a single bottle of Coke at a gas station or grocery store at half the price.

Another benefit of using Coke to clean your battery terminals? Once you are finished you can enjoy the rest of the bottle while relishing in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Today’s youth find support system with Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Every young boy or girl dreams of one day growing up and going to school, graduating, and finding a decent job. This dream is easier to accomplish for some than it is for others. For some, they don’t have the amount of support at home that is necessary to keep a child successful in and out of school. This is where the Boys and Girls Clubs of America can help.

For over 150 years, BGCA has been offering after school and summer programs to children from lower-income communities and providing safe environments for the children to learn and grow. They offer a variety of programs including recreational programs, health programs, career programs, and more.



Infographic by Amanda Cain. Created at Information retrieved from

With well over 2,000 clubs across the country, the organization is always looking for help in providing the services it has previously given to almost four million children each year.

For someone looking to help support the organization and its cause, there are multiple options available. Clubs across the country always welcome volunteers and by visiting the organization’s website, you can easily locate a club in your area that may be looking for help.

Donations are a major part of what allows BGCA to continue to provide the amount of support it has for years. Celebrities and athletes such as Timbaland and Shane Victorino have been known to publicly support their local clubs.

To be a part of this incredible foundation, find out how you can make a donation or invite friends to make donations to their local organizations. For more information on the various programs offered through BGCA or how you can become involved, visit

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