Every summer thousands of baseball fans flock to FirstEnergy Stadium in Reading, PA to watch the Reading Fightin’ Phils, the Double A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Each game is filled with excitement and entertainment and always begins with the announcer welcoming fans to Baseballtown.  New fans who are not familiar with the team may wonder, what is Baseballtown?

According to the Baseballtown website, the name Baseballtown was trademarked in 2002.  While the name takes root in the presence of a professional team being in the city, it encompasses so much more.

The sport of baseball was a part of this city long before the Fightins’ came to town and will remain a part of the community for years to come.  This website will take you beyond the walls of FirstEnergy Stadium and out into the community of Reading, taking a look at the impact baseball has had on the city.  You will be introduced to the people who are the true driving forces behind the organization and discover how they put their passion for the sport into helping out the community.

You will also learn about the impact the team itself has had on the city.  Discover the different ways the players have found to help out around the community and bring the love of the sport to the local children.

We’ll visit the site of Lauer’s Park, the inaugural project completed under the Baseballtown Charities organization, and learn what it has meant to have a beautiful stadium for the local leagues and teams to use and bring the sport to young fans who might otherwise not get the chance.

This website will show you these experiences and much more, taking you beyond the walls of the stadium and into a community that has been greatly impacted by a sport that is loved by so many.

From projects completed by Baseballtown Charities to community service work done by the players themselves, the sport has helped to revitalize the local community.  By traveling beyond the walls of America’s Classic Ballpark, you will discover why baseball truly is America’s Pastime.